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What distinguishes Berliners is how seriously we take work-life balance. The city is a haven for outdoors enthusiasts, whether they’re biking along the River Spree or kayaking on one of the countless lakes around which Germany’s capital is built.

Everywhere you go, landmarks greet you, even when you’re not deliberately looking for monuments. In a place where East and West once met and where history took a fortunate turn, you’ll still find ominous architecture next to modern high-rises erected where the Communist-era Berlin Wall once stood. What is it ,that makes Berlin so attractive? It is the capital’s diversity, contrasts and its virtually inexhaustible possibilities that excite visitors from all around the world.

Whether it’s sightseeing or hip neighborhoods, galleries or gastronomy, music or fashion, there is always something unique to discover in the German capital.

On top of all this, the excellent luxury hotel, and Germany’s capital is a creative metropolis raising the bar on conference and event standards.

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