Asking the right QUESTIONS is what it's all about:

· Which line of business?
· What is the objective of your program?
· What is the age scheme?
· Do we have singles, couples or families?
· Are they well traveled?

· Have they been to Germany before?
· What is the level of the program?
· Are there any restrictions or special needs?
· Do we have a limited budget?


Along these lines, designing the program is giving the right ANSWERS and bringing it all to the point, in close cooperation with you:


· Choosing or proposing the most appropriate hotels
· Finding the restaurants meeting your expectations
· Pointing out the most suitable locations for your events and functions
· Proposing excursions fitting the size, background and structure of your group

We have the best connections in all destinations, having cooperated with most of our providers for many years.


After the rough structure of the trip has been fixed, the next step would be a SITE INSPECTION. We are going to make all necessary appointments, will organize transportation and make sure you will experience as many features of the program as possible, to give you an extensive feeling what will be offered to your clients or guests. We would not leave you to a guide or a driver, we will accompany each site inspection at management level. After the site inspection, you will know what you would like to include in the final program - and why.


OPERATIONS the final program, we will provide constant supervision of all parts and activities. Personal attention is implicit, there will always be one from our office onsite. We do pretrip all activities and functions. All activities will be prepared with an eye on detail and be operated with the same attitude. The operations staff will always be handpicked and experienced. It will be smooth and comfortable, and if there will be any problem, we will solve it.