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Munich - The Village of One Million - A city Portrait
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  • Munich - The Village of One Million - A city Portrait


The City of Munich holds a unique position in Germany with all the prerequisites for authentic and exciting incentive and motivational programs. With its famous "Gemütlichkeit" and colorful traditions, its wealth of art and culture, excellent infrastructure, and unparalleled locations at the foot of the Bavarian Alps, it is the perfect destination.

Where to begin… Munich and his excellent infrastructure showcases a great choice of wonderful buildings. The architecture offers you some of the finest Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance designs throughout Europe. And you can easily explore these all on foot. One of the most famous places in Munich is Marienplatz. This square is the starting point for many local festivals as well as home to the Rathaus.

There are not a lot such places where you feel so much being in Munich like in our local beer gardens. Here both natives and tourists relax and enjoy good Bavarian beer and food under the shadow of huge chestnut trees. The beer is tapped directly from huge wooden barrels and many people bring their own food with them as the Bavarian beer garden law explicitly allows this.

If you are able to be in Munich in September and the beginning of October, chances are that you’ll hit the height of Oktoberfest season. This world-famous festival is a favorite for locals and tourists alike.

This cosmopolitan city takes care of its traditional roots, giving you a great taste of a true German City . The locals are friendly, the sites will take your breath away, the cuisine is delicious and the beer, well, the beer is famous.

Munich, will quickly become one of your favorite places you’ve been to.

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